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Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years

Zboží kniha
Autor/ka Townsendová Sue
Vydavatel/Výrobce Penguin Books
Rok vydání 2000


Adrian Mole, 30-year old celebrity chef, and the rest of the Mole household are waiting for the New Labour election victory to bring wealth, fulfilment and personal happiness, but can Tony pull it off?


Adrian Mole is balding, he's bitter, and he's back, this time at age 30. Though he may be older, Sue Townsend's comic creation is certainly no wiser. With his marriage to a Nigerian beauty in tatters, he passes his time dreaming of old flame Pandora Braithwaite, now a shining More...

And what of his career? The hero of The Cappuccino Years works at Soho's Hoi Polloi restaurant, rustling up deliberately grubby blue-collar cuisine, from Heinz tomato soup (with white bread floaters) to Boiled cabbage avec Dan Quayle Potatoes. At a certain point, he's spotted by a cable producer and ends up starring in a television show celebrating offal--yes, it's called Offally Good. Yet even Adrian is somewhat perplexed by his culinary gifts:

My mother's family (Norfolk) were practically illiterate, and seemed to live on boiled potatoes with HP sauce, and my father's family (Leicester) viewed books with deep suspicion, unless they had pictures which broke up the pages. My paternal grandmother, May Mole, was a plain cook, who regarded eating as a gross indulgence. Thank God she died before I became a professional chef. It was her proud boast that she had never eaten in a proper restaurant in her life. She spoke of restaurants as others speak of crack dens.

As the above should make clear, Townsend's acerbic (and very English) wit is still much in evidence. Occasionally she'll go to corny lengths for a joke: I arrived at the Brent Cross shopping centre car-park, to find that my car had been towed away five days ago and was in a police compound somewhere in Purley. A £25 cab ride took me to the Purley gates. True Mole fanatics, however, will forgive Townsend her infrequent excesses. Accessible, amusing, and appealing,

The Cappuccino Years

reflects an Adrian who has tolerated the growing pains and survived the lost years. Now he's ready to face the only really important question: Is it cheating to use Viagra?


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